Welcome to Voiceover Mastermind

Welcome to the first ever edition of Voiceover Mastermind (VOMM). Thanks for tuning in.

First off, let's rewind to 2014/15. I was just starting to get rolling on my VO career after knocking out a few internal eLearning courses for my employer at the time (a call center for a major telecom). After a few years of working in a call center and now narrating eLearning projects as a trainer, I had people left and right telling me how great my voice was! How I should get into radio! And how "people make money doing that kind of stuff!"

It's good work when you can get it. But as you know it's more than just the voice.

Early 2015 I began digging deep into everything I could find on VO. Mostly made up of books, (a few) podcasts, blogs and Facebook Groups.

I was frustrated. It seemed everyone wanted my money, was offering seemingly conflicting advice, and often "coaches" had very little to show in the way of their own work.

Hopefully VOMM can help alleviate this a bit.

I have this crazy idea that you, like me, have a really difficult time keeping up with all the voiceover resources out there. The blogs, the Youtubes, podcasts, magazines, TikToks, Instas, etcs and more. And that's just the VO-specific world. Try keeping up with the advertising world to keep an ear on trends and you'll quickly find yourself doing more research than reading.

But, like you, I do my best to keep up with changes and news from the industry and fellow talents. Thing is, filtering the best stuff that is actually useful can be terribly difficult.

That's where Voiceover Mastermind comes in. Every week, I'm going to share with you a selection of my favorite articles and resources that I think will help move your career forward. Also, if you have a resource you found helpful and want to share it, send me an email.

Check out the first selection of articles below.

Keep Talkin,


Be Here Now

You're going to be seeing a lot of Kiff VH's podcast All Over Voiceover.

I'm a sucker for a good origin story and this two-part episode with Rama Vallury was easily one of my favorites. Despite him being in LA and me being a flyover-VO, I found a lot of parallels with the struggles and self doubt that he discussed.

Well worth the nearly 3 hours of listening time. Then go back and listen to the rest of the back catalog.

Be Here Now w/ Rama Vallury - Part 1

Be Here Now w/ Rama Vallury - Part 2

How Does It Align?

It's hard to say "no" when it comes to a a project that may not have the best budge or even a simple request for a conversation to "pick your brain". Having well defined values gives you a filter through which decision making becomes easy. Does it align? No? Then, no.

Know Your Values: 7 Ways to Discover and Clarify Your Personal Values

One For You, Nineteen For Me

June 15 is a weird day in the US when it comes to tax time. Second quarter estimated taxes are due and the IRS won't be happy if you don't consult your crystal ball to see how the rest of the year might go and pay them two weeks before the second quarter even ends.

To make sure I have enough to pay Uncle Sam and my state income tax, I've followed the Profit First system for about 5 years. Hasn't let me down yet. (affiliate link)

The Opposite of Goal Setting

People often forget subtraction when it comes to improving their life or business, so the idea of removing something from your life or routines goes overlooked. The concept of "Anti-Goals" really resonates with me as a new way to evaluate things I might want to improve.

My mornings have been a mess lately and when they're off, my productivity for the entire day typically follows. I'll be evaluating the rest of this week through the lens of the anti-goal.

The Power of Anti-Goals