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Josh Risser is the guy behind VOMM (and is feeling a bit odd speaking about himself in the third-person).

Josh RisserHe's guy with a mic and a "great voice" who – thanks to a handful of coaches, the advent of online acting classes, some great mentors and a relentless passion for learning and practice – has somehow managed to make a full-time career out of VO from a flyover state.

He's also realizing – much to his dismay – that he can't stop using parentheticals in his writing.

Feel free to shoot him an email.

Josh is done writing in the third person now.

August 3, 2021
What is "time off"?

Hey! Sorry for the unexpected two-week hiatus. I started a long overdue bathroom remodel and it quickly got out of control. Have you ever seen The Money Pit? Well, I'm a much less charming and funny Tom Hanks. Thankfully the tub didn't fall through the floor... yet. I did laugh the same way when I […]

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July 13, 2021
You Probably Won't Book It Anyway

I was listening to a 2020 episode of The Pro Audio Suite podcast with Marice Tobias (linked in the resources below) and something she said struck me: "You probably won't book it anyway. Take a chance." Paraphrasing there, but that's essentially the gist. Funny enough, I can immediately think of at least three spots I've […]

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July 6, 2021
Don't Be a Source of Friction for Your Customers

Independence Day in the US means barbecues! We were at my parents' place this weekend for some grub and sun. My dad broke out a big pile of meat that he bought at a fantastic local butcher shop. I love the place. Their meat is local (I'm in Montana, so that means some seriously good […]

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June 29, 2021
Happy Mid-Year!

Typically, I'm not one to use arbitrary measures of time (like the New Year) to set goals and wait for them to institute major changes in my life. Yet, they are useful reminders to take some time to recalibrate ourselves personally and professionally. As we round the corner on the half-waypoint of 2021, I'm taking […]

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June 22, 2021
Rise of the robots?

There is a steady stream of robots doing everything for us these days. I have one that opens my garage, another that operates a few lights, one that turns on my fireplace, and even one that can dig around Disney+ for that episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse my daughter wants to watch. It only makes […]

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June 15, 2021
Welcome to Voiceover Mastermind

Welcome to the first ever edition of Voiceover Mastermind (VOMM). Thanks for tuning in. First off, let's rewind to 2014/15. I was just starting to get rolling on my VO career after knocking out a few internal eLearning courses for my employer at the time (a call center for a major telecom). After a few […]

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